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Had One? Seen One? Tell us!

Know of one? Had one years back? Heard a rumour? Have a question? We want to hear about it. 

As you heard, there were only a handful of these special cars made, so if you thought there was something odd about that hemi orange ‘71 Swinger Special with hood scoops, taxi cab interior and 340 badging you walked past a number of years ago, there probably was. A number of U.S. and Canadian publications knew/know about them and want more information. It’s our duty to give them what they want, so with your help, let's tell the world about them.


NOTE: We've put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into these cars and knowing they are one-of-a-kind – there is more that is known about these cars that isn't written about here. So, if you have one, are restoring one, have specific questions, or you might want specific info for an article on these cars – contact us here. We can chat and put more details together just for you.

Help us let the world know Canadians had a number of ‘ultra rare’ and unique special order performance muscle cars (along with the Pontiac Acadians and SD Beaumonts), too. Drop us a line...

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